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" Thanks Allah – The Almighty the most Merciful "

By the blessing of Allah the Most Merciful and Most Gracious, I born in a reputed Muslim family and reached the present position with the blessing of Allah the Almighty and Most Merciful and most Gracious. I continually pray to the Almighty to keep me, my friends and relatives with all good blessings.

" It gives me a great pleasure to welcome you my website. I really feel that you are visiting my home / office as a special invited guest . Honoring a guest with great hospitality is the excellent quality of a human being. So I am pleased to offer you an advice that please satisfy your neighbors, relatives, friends and customers first time, every time and all the time with all the good things. If you wanted to become the hero of your family and the nation, please visit all the pages of this website. Wish you all success in your life here and after.

Er. Muhammed Kutty Arikuzhiyil Chairman of Al Salama Group of Companies is an ... "

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Vision & Mission

“Sight saving is life saving”

Imagine a world without light, a world where you don’t know what colors are, what flowers look like, how a smile softens any face; sounds scary, doesn’t it? Vision is the greatest gift of life and the most important of all senses and this is what makes life fully worth living. Can anything be nobler than helping people to experience the joy of total vision? Truly, the sense of sight is a very precious gift and is treasured by one and all, because your eyes are your window to the world. That is where Al Salama Eye Hospital comes in.

Wish You Happy Republic Day

" All Indians are my sisters and brothers. I wish all of them a very happy Republic day "

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